“Achievement of client goals through equal opportunity and engagement for all.”

MSP Programs

  • Centralize Contract Worker and Staffing Supplier Management Processes
  • Optimize Investment to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership for Global Contingent Labor
  • Remove the need to Micromanage Processes and Eliminate Lengthy Hiring Procedures
  • Expand Resources for Governance and Strategic Planning Through Program Partnership
  • Increase Value of Spend with Suppliers by Leveraging Economies of Scale
  • Drive Supplier Competition by Rate Rationalization
  • Sharpen Decision Support Processes through Market Intelligence

VMS Platforms

  • Consolidate Worker Records, Payroll, and Contracts in one System
  • Increase Visibility to Centralize Information and get rid of Manual Reporting
  • Track Key Performance Indicators to Monitor Worker Progress
  • Eliminate Exposure to Risk by Avoiding Misclassification of Files and Compliance Documents
  • One Click Workforce Solutions for Operational Superiority
  • Automate Onboarding and Time Management Processes
  • Utilize the Same Platform to Manage and Contact all your Suppliers and Ensure Supplier Compliance

TTM Solutions

  • Streamline Processes for Contingent Workforce using Integrated Screening Tools
  • Find Industry Specific, Local Subject Matter Experts
  • Enhance your Bottom Line by Implementing an End-to-End Contingent Workforce Program
  • Define End-Goals of your Organization to Build the Optimal Talent Pool
  • Achieve a 90% Successful Fulfillment Rate on Candidates for Hire, Avoiding Unqualified Personnel and Improving Quality

BPO Centers

  • Redistribute Tier 1 Non-Core Processes and Tasks
  • Reassign Essential Resources to Strategic and Advanced Projects
  • Engage an On-shore, Certified Diverse Solution Center Team to Handle Entry Level Problems
  • Exponentially Expand Workforce Pipeline through University Based Partner Resources
  • Leverage On-Demand, Scalable and Flexible Resources for Hypercare and Crisis Management
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership through Utilization of Partner Facilities and Infrastructure

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